Can my Eagle Eye NuboCam be used outdoors?

The Eagle Eye NuboCam experienced extensive testing in our lab. We’ve frozen it and splashed it with water to make sure the camera is ready to be used wherever you need.




So, the Eagle Eye NuboCam can weather the storm outside and the freezer inside. They are sealed and protected to operate in conditions from -20ºC to +40ºC. It's IP-64.


When using the provided Micro USB cable and cable plug, your Eagle Eye NuboCam is IP-64. Nubo is protected against water splashes from all directions, but limited ingress is permitted. However, Eagle Eye NuboCam cannot swim and should not be put completely under water. 



To make the Eagle Eye NuboCam ready for outdoor usage, you have to use the provided cable and cable plug: the gray nifty thing you found in the box. Simply put the cable through the plug and push the plug in the specially designed bottom of theEagle Eye NuboCam. Now it’s ready to go outside!


The Eagle Eye NuboCam adapter is not IP-64 and should therefore not be used outside. When mounting the Eagle Eye NuboCam outside, make sure the power adapter finds an indoor and dry safe spot. Make sure you also use the provided power cable, which is ip64 outdoor ready.