How can I cancel my subscription?

Want to stop paying for your Eagle Eye NuboCam Connect subscription? No worries, you can use your Eagle Eye NuboCam without paying a monthly fee. Go to the Cameras & Subscriptions page in the "My Account" section. Go to your Eagle Eye NuboCam and press Modify. Set your Eagle Eye NuboCam to "Stream for Free" and your subscription is downgraded at the end of your subscription period. You upgrade to an Eagle Eye NuboCam Connect subscription again at any time.

Want to remove your Eagle Eye NuboCam and Eagle Eye NuboCam Connect subscription completely? Go to the Eagle Eye NuboCam App and press Remove camera. When you have an Eagle Eye NuboCam subscription a popup will appear that asks you to keep your current subscription or to remove it. By removing your subscription, all your mobile events and cloud storage are removed. This action cannot be undone. When you want to keep your subscription and just want to remove your camera for debugging reasons, select "Keep" and the next time you add your Eagle Eye NuboCam, the subscription will automatically be assigned to your subscription.