How to setup my Eagle Eye NuboCam?

To walk you through the setup of your first Eagle Eye NuboCam, checkout the video bellow or follow the instructions.




To install your Eagle Eye NuboCam and add it to your account start by following the three steps below:


  1. Download the Eagle Eye NuboCam App: Go to the iOS App or Android Play search for Eagle Eye NuboCam and download the app.
  2. Power up your Eagle Eye NuboCam: Plug the micro USB cable into the device and connect it to a power source. For maximum weather resistance [link to FAQ IP-64], make sure you insert the cable plug in place exactly as shown in the illustration.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app: Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions explaining how to connect. Note that your first setup needs to be over Wi-Fi so the camera can connect and update it’s software. After setup you can choose to connect over the mobile network. Check below for more details on these instructions.