Where are my events stored?

Your Events are either stored on our cloud or on your SD card, if you installed one. We understand that data storage and privacy are important things for our users. And of course, this is important for us as well. You can read all about this in our Eagle Eye NuboCam Privacy and Data Processing Statement. You can find this via:


If you want to use an SD card:

Eagle Eye NuboCam is compatible with most off the shelf Micro SD-cards available on the market. If you are using a Freemium account without cloud storage, you can easily store your events on a SD card. Remove the bottom part of the Eagle Eye NuboCam and insert your SD card, next to your sim card.

SD card performance may vary over different types and brands, we recommend using one of the following:

SDHC (speed class) - Class 10, capacity 10MB/sec

SDXC I (UHS speed class) - U1, capacity 10MB/sec, or U3, capacity 30MB/sec

SDXC II (Video speed class) - V10 or higher

SD card will store 1080p image quality with approximately 15 FPS, at a bitrate of +/- 2 Mbit/sec, which is +/- 15 MByte / minuut of video. Of course, it all depends on what is happening: more activity equals more data, less activity equals less data.