What kind of detection settings are available?

Eagle Eye NuboCam uses detections to trigger events and only starts recording or notifies you when something is really happening. We like to call this "Event-based recording". It's the perfect way to spend mobile data economically. Eagle Eye NuboCam supports both Motion Detection and Sound Detection and they are both enabled by default.


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How does Motion Detection work?

Eagle Eye NuboCam has its own motion sensor and detects motion in a glance. Eagle Eye NuboCam uses a PIR motion sensor that detects the IR light radiated from objects. This way Eagle Eye NuboCam always 'sees' when something's up.

How does Sound Detection work?

Besides motion detection, Eagle Eye NuboCam also supports Sound Detection. When Eagle Eye NuboCam detects a sound it will start a recording and send you a push notification. This is very useful when you use you Eagle Eye NuboCam for baby monitoring and will only trigger when sound is detected.

How do I enable a specific detection?

You can turn off each detection individually to better fit your needs. At least one detection should always be on, otherwise, your Eagle Eye NuboCam will not detect anything. Don’t want any detections? Just put your Eagle Eye NuboCam on Disarmed. 


Can I set the sensitivity?

The Sound sensitivity is used for triggering the Sound detection. When the sensitivity is set to low, less sound is needed and events are triggered sooner. When the sensitivity is set to high, a higher amount of sound is needed or you have to scream louder to trigger an event.

The standard sensitivity level is set to 25% and you can easily adjust this in the detection settings. To make life easier for you, we created a sound indicator to measure the current level of sound that your Eagle Eye NuboCam is detecting. Use the slider to choose the perfect sensitivity for your specific needs. Finally, there are three icons to show an indication of the amount of sound that is related to whispering, talking and screaming.

Please note

Make sure your microphone is turned on. Sound detection is unavailable when the microphone of your Eagle Eye NuboCam is turned off.